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The Andreini Family have been Siena farmer for 5 generations, and can trace themselves in the Tuscan Grand Duchy to at least 1767.

Gianfranco and Giulia, co-owner of the farm from 1987, created the Bed&Breakfast in the early 90's renting some rooms inside their farmhouse. After they restaured a part (called podere Belvedere) of the Villa Monterosi, 100meters down hill, and later on the barn in front of the farmhouse. The Andreini Family is made up of Babbo Gianfranco, Mamma Giulia and their three daughter Monica, Maddalena with her husband David, Maria Pia and their 4 nephews Isabella, Benjamin, Andrea and Frida.

In the farm everyone of the family works there, each one with a different duty: Gianfranco, a farmer but also a professional pork-butcher, is in charge with the fields, olives grove, vineyard and the Chianina cattle breeding (one of the oldest cattle Siena and Chiana valley breeds in the world); Giulia takes care of the barnyard animals (chickens, hens, rabbits), Bed&Breakfast, restaurant and garden. Their daughter help with the running of the Agriturismo too, including the web site, the pubblic relations and the marketing of the farm.


We breed Chianina cattle to offer the best of the Tuscan meat.

Chianina cow breed

The Chianina Cow bred has been present in Italy for 2500 years. The " ox " Chianina was much appreciated by the Etruscans and Romans for its white blanket used it in triumphal processions and sacrifices to the Gods, as we find described in the Georgics and the Latin poets and depicted in bas-relief bronzes and Roman antiquities, including the famous Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum. The name Chianina comes from the Val di Chiana, an area where it has always been raised. Today it is present in Tuscany, Umbria and northern Lazio. The Chianina is recognized by porcelain-white coat, the black pigmentation of the muzzle and tongue, from the head light and elegant with short horns, long and cylindrical trunk with the back and loins wide and limbs longer than in other breeds is, in fact, the largest cattle in the world. After the Second World War, due to its capability to adapt to different environments, the Chianina breed has become a " cosmopolitan ", crossing national borders to reach Asia, China, Russia, Australia and the Americas. Once used primarily for work in the countryside, the Chianina is now considered one of the finest meat in the world. Among the breeds of cattle protected by the Consortium Chianina is perhaps the one that now enjoys a more noble and well-established, thanks to the reputation that has been able to conquer the culinary myth of Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

Quoted Vitellonebianco.it

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