Description and Activity

Fattoria Andreini has been in our family for five generations. It is a traditional working farm with vineyard, olive groves, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, woodland, and lush fields. To these days we still produce durum wheat and oats.
The family home, Il Poggiarello, sits on a hilltop with views across the entire 80-hectare estate. Our farm is also known locally for its Chianina cows. This powerful cattle with big long horn and white skin, takes its name from the Val di Chiana region in the south–west of Tuscany. Originally widely spread in those areas and mainly used for laboring the land, nowadays it is only breed for the tasty and succulent meat. People from all over the world travel to Tuscany also to enjoy the famous 900 gr Bistecca alla Fiorentina.
On the farm we also produce cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, delicious jams and chutneys from our orchards and tasty farm honey.
In Our family run restaurant we use all the freshly picked products that come from our land.


Teaching Farm

Modernity, urbanization and industrialization have made us less attentive to the activities of the countryside, to local products and to the transformations that these must undergo before arriving at the supermarket and then at our table.
With the guidance of qualified operators, adults and children learn to better understand the rural environment, traditions and products of the earth. They engage in typical agricultural activities and in ancient crafts.
La fattoria didattica can be defined as an educational journey that aims to promote a connection between city and countryside. Children from different local schools have the opportunity to visit a real working farm and learn interesting aspects of farm life, food, local products and most of all our traditions.

Our workshops are based on two main principles:

  • An interactive learning process. We promote a direct experience of farm life, with hands on activities like bread making using flour from our heritage grains, farm honey workshops where students will learn to mould bees’ wax and the incredible importance of this little animal for the ecosystem. Further than this we will take our students into an incredible journey discovering how until the 1960 our area held a crucial position with production of Silk. The century old mulberry trees, still standing by the family home, were used for the production of the silk worms.
  • Providing a stimulating and exciting experience, fun and informative at the same time.

Years of experience in farming and hospitality guarantee the high quality of our job.


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