Since the 17th century our family has been looking after this beautiful land with passion, devotion and pride. The old farmhouse, originally part of the wealthy domain of Spedale of Santa Maria della Scala, was the residence of Rev. Gugliemo Andreini, his beautiful wife Maddalena and his 8 children.
Over the centuries and through generations we have taken enormous pride in sharing our heritage, passion for our traditions and rich land.

Our parents, Gianfranco and Giulia Andreini   opened the Agriturismo in the early 80’s, first with Appartamento Belvedere, and few years later with B&B La Capanna. Now we welcome guests from all over the world, people coming here to appreciate the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, the lush colours and the beauty of our stunning countryside. A little sanctuary for body and mind.

Monica, Maddalena and Maria Pia will dedicate their time to every guest to make the stay an unforgettable experience.


The Andreini family have been farmers for generations and over the centuries have embraced the ethos of respecting what the land and what nature has to offer.

The driving philosophy behind our way of life is to be in complete harmony with nature and the environment. All guests can enjoy seasonal fresh farm produce grown using sustainable methods that allow nature to take its course.
We take pride in the quality and simplicity of our home cooking and look forward to welcoming our guests to a friendly family atmosphere.